Saturday, January 7, 2012

Configuring The Kettle Tea Party: Wedding Favors

Hi hive. I know I've been missing for a while...

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Twenty days to be exact. I'm sorry about that. Really, truly, I will do better. But the holidays were a rough time. I can't even remember the last time I uploaded the pictures from my camera into my computer.

I've been keeping up with your activities, commenting here and there as I found a lone free minute at work. I promise to be a better worker bee from here on out.

I've been up to a lot. I finished the ring bearer pillows (finally). I finished purchasing the gifts for the bridesmaids, and picked out the gifts for the men. We started getting RSVPs back in (and only one family said no, yikes!!). There's been a lot.

But this post isn't about any of that. As the title says, it's about favors. Our favors had to fulfill a number of purposes. 1) They had to fit our theme. 2) They had to fit our color scheme. 3) They had to do double duty because we weren't having place cards on some table at the entrance to the dining hall. 4) They had to be pretty and/or shiny.

That being said, there was really only one option: gold picture frames!

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Momma Kettle bought samples of several frames. After comparing for price, durability, and checking if it was the "right" gold, she landed on the perfect frame. She ordered them in bulk and now we have our favors.

We just have to find the time to fill them all in with the place card names we'll make for each guest. Thank Gawd we have a day-of coordinator. It will be the job of her and her team to get those tiny little frames to the right spots for the 20-30 tables next month.

Next month! It's getting close now.

What did you use for favors? Did you go useful, tasty, or just plain pretty?