Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And Another DOC Meeting

I wrote about a post about how I'd lost my ability to make decisions. We still haven't chosen a DOC or a florist. But, we are making progress on the solutions Momma and Mima Kettle came up with.

We met with a third DOC on Monday. Mr. Kettle came with me and Momma and Daddy Kettle to this meeting. By this third meeting, we were old pros. We laid out what we had planned so far and gave her the information she needed.

She asked some follow-up questions and took a lot of notes. Then we talked about what her services would be. From all three meetings, I'm starting to see that it is the rule of thumb that DOCs get involved before the actual day-of.

They come in anywhere from immediately to 30 days prior to the wedding. They help for a detailed timeline for the day. They try to get to know the wedding party so there's no confusion as to who's running the show on the wedding day. They go the rehearsal and of course they're at the actual wedding.

The DOCs all offered to take care of making sure deliveries are on schedule on the wedding day, making the sure musicians are on time and set up, and taking care of day-of vendor payments. Also, they all seem to have teams they work with (especially for a wedding the size of mine).

So how will we choose between people who seem so similar?

Well, it's all about personality. Personality and price.

I liked the first DOC we met with. She seemed very no-nonsense, which would be very effective with my family and friends. The only problem is her prices. Very high. Almost 3 times what the second DOC was charging.

I really liked the second DOC. She seemed like her main goal would be to make my wedding day perfect. That's all the DOCs main goal, but she got me. She really got me, you know? Her prices were nice, but my parents were worried that she perhaps didn't have enough experience to make it happen.

The third DOC was great. She actually went to school with my parents so she was definitely our type of person. Everyone automatically got along great. And even better, she didn't treat me like how some of my parents' friends can: like a child because I wasn't born before the end of the 1970s. We don't know her prices yet, but she said she will send us a proposal by the end of this week.

I pretty much just have to choose between the second and third coordinator. If their prices are very similar, it will be interesting because I'm leaning toward the second DOC and I know my parents are leaning toward the third.