Thursday, December 15, 2011

Invitation Celebration

Our wedding invitations are done!! They were mailed out last week, and I'm quite certain everyone has received them. Well, everyone except my cousin who live in Mexico. Hers was returned to my parents' house.

There were some hiccups on the way to getting these invitations all done and ready to be sent out, but this is a celebration, so we're going to focus on the positive. A group effort between me, Momma Kettle, Daddy Kettle, and a couple family friends got the job done.

The invitations were designed by an amazing photographer/graphic designer who's dating one of Mr. Kettle's friends. She did amazing work and I'm super excited about how they turned out. They perfectly fit my vision of the wedding of being a quirky twist on a classic. So enough talking, on to the pictures and captions!

Personal Image: I took this without the flash, so you could see the more ivory cream color of the outer envelope

Personal Image: Return Address on the back!

Personal Image: You open the outer envelope to reveal an inner envelope just for you.

Personal Image: You open the inner envelope to reveal the cutest liver EVER and a wonderfully purple invitation.

Personal Image: A shiny envelope with a satin belly band held together by our monogram.

Personal Image: Open it to reveal the invitation suite. My favorite part is how the design at the top of the inserts coordinate to make a complete design element.

Personal Image: Directions page with the cute map the venue provided for us.

Personal Image: Accommodations card which makes the best use of white space ever.

Personal Image: RSVP card. Hive, you can bring 3 people with you!

Personal Image: The whole suite all together. I love the sheen on several parts.

I was so impressed with how our designer took into account my suggestions and decor desires and made this lovely suite. It took us... days... to put these together, but it was a labor of love. I'm so happy these have gone out. I can't wait until the RSVPs start rolling in!

Did you go with a non-traditional source to get your invitations? How long did it take to receive your first RSVP response?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's So Fluffy!!

Hive, I've been a tease. I talked about all these DIY projects I had coming up, and then I immediately started talking about everything else but that.

While I did have my bridal shower this past weekend, I will give you at least one DIY post before I get to re-capping that loveliness. If my title wasn't obvious enough (everyone hasn't seen Despicable Me, although they should!), this screenshot should help.

Image via Hello Again Girls / Screenshot from Despicable Me
What's fluffy, but not a stuffed animal? A pillow of course! For my first DIY project I've (mostly) finished, I made the ring bearer pillows. Okay, okay, so I've only made one so far, but I wanted to share it. And the other will be identical, so there will be nothing new there.

I first learned to make pillows as a girl scout at age 10. I do have my beloved sewing machine that belonged to my grandmother, but I preferred to make these pillows by hand.

Step 1: Get fabric, thread, needles, pins, scissors, and other sewing supplies.
Personal Image: thread, needles glue, rings

Personal Image: fabric, stuffing, possible ribbons

Step 2: Fold your fabric over on itself to cut out the pattern for the pillow. Figure out the size pillow you want and trace onto the fabric. I was using slippery satin, so I pinned the two sides together (inside out!) to ensure a smooth pattern. I wanted a size similar to a box I had in the house, so I just traced that and cut around it.

Personal Image: I used a sketch pencil to trace the shape I wanted.

Step 3: Pin the fabric together at intervals around the line you've traced. I wanted a ribbon to go across the front of the pillow, so I pinned the ribbon also to keep it in place.

Personal Image: Pins all around with a ribbon for flair.

Step 4: Begin to sew along the line you traced. Take extra care at the corners to ensure a tight stitch. It's easy to just go around the corner and end up with loose stitches that won't hold their shape. If you don't know how to sew, Google it, and watch one of the videos.

Personal Image: See how the stitches get even tighter at the corner?

Personal Image: Kitty Kettle thought trying to eat the thread was helping. She's so sweet.

Step 5: Leave a bit open on one side to stuff the pillow. turn it inside out and make sure the stitches are strong, if there are any weak spots, re-sew them. I chose to leave the side with the other end of the ribbon open so I could hand sew it after I knew how full the pillow would be stuffed. If I hadn't done this, the ribbon on the front might pucker.

Personal Image: See how sharp those corners are?

Step 6: Begin to stuff your pillow. Start with the corners, making sure they'll stay stuffed and keep their shape. Don't overfill the pillow or you won't be able to hand-sew it shut. Also, make sure not to pull on the threads you've already stitched. No tearing seams, especially if you are using delicate fabric.

Personal Image: Just when you think you're done stuffing, you should probably add a bit more to the corners.

Step 7: I added gold rings here that I'll use to tie through the ribbons that hold our wedding bands. Pin the other end of the ribbon to the fabric and sew really small stitches to close the pillow. This uses a different stitch and might require another Google search to confirm your stitch before you begin.

Personal Image: Fold the extra ribbon end so it's tucked into the finished pillow.

Step 8: Have a glass of wine and admire your work!

Personal Image: Wine not pictured.

I do wonder if I should jazz up the pillow some. I wanted a very simple clean look, and that's what I got, but I anticipate concerns of it being too plain. I'm using sparkly ribbon when we actually tie the rings to the pillow and the ring bearers are 6-year old twins who are guys' guys. What do you think?

Personal Image: Too much ribbon?

Have you ever sewn by hand? What was your first DIY project you'll actually use at your wedding?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Friday Night (TGIF)

No dancing on table tops or maxing out credit cards, but I'm sure at least one person woke up wondering if they had a hickey or a bruise. This post is all about partying without having a truly good reason to do so.

The one benefit of having such a large wedding party that's comprised of people I spend a ton of time with already is all the extra hanging out that takes on a wedding theme. We already have 5 official wedding-related events. But this post is about the unoffical events. We had a bridezilla pizza party, we're coming up on Part 2 of our three part makeup-for-the-chicks party. And last Friday night, we had a signature drink party.

Purple Signature Drink Image by Wedding by Color

Our venue has a number of drink packages to choose from for the reception. The one we went with includes a signature drink. They had several options we could choose from or we could develop our own. Mr. Kettle and I quickly decided to develop our own.

We also quickly decided to include a good number of our friends who will be in/at the wedding. BM Law's birthday was Saturday and we went to dinner on Friday to celebrate.

Personal image: BM Law after she was crowned birthday girl.
The after party for her birthday was the signature drink party. By the way, how many times can one use the word "party" in one post?

Earlier that day, I went to a liquor heaven store with BM Milk and BM Libra and we bought what felt like one of everything. I just wanted to be sure we had options for everything I might want in a drink, and it happened to be a lot. Just look at the picture.

Personal image: We certainly had a lot of options to choose from for mixing.

We had those bottle, a blender, a bag of ice, and a measuring cup. Everyone took turns making drinks. The funniest part was trying to keep track of recipes. Measuring in ounces instead of  "a splash of this and a drop of that" proved quite amusing. We all had tiny tiny shot glasses we used to try tiny tiny samples of each drink. The ones that were good were up for a vote. We asked, "would you drink this all night?"

If more than half the group voted yes, the drink became a contender. There were about 20 of us there, and after a couple hours, we were all tipsy and had three really strong options for our signature drink.

Eventually, Mr. Kettle and I will make all three for our parents and then we'll pick one and name it. I have to admit that I'm making this decision waaaay more complicated than it should be. But it's worth it because we had a lot of fun with our friends, and we won't have to worry about stocking our bar for at least another 6-12 months.

Did you have a signature drink at your wedding? Any suggestions for a cute drink title? Do you spend a lot of time with your wedding party?