Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heating Up For The Kettle Wedding: A Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Mr. Kettle always wanted a joint bachelor/bachelorette party, so our maids of honor and best men made it happen.I will tell you now that there were no photos taken by me. I know our friends like to party, and I didn't want any evidence of anything left around afterward.

The men's night started with all the guys meeting at my apartment and getting whisked away in a stretch SUV to a strip club of the best man's choosing. From what I heard, they had a lot of fun. Hardly anyone did anything that they're ladies would resent. And the ones that did had ladies that set the limits a little too strictly. Nuff said, moving on.

The women's night started with all the gals meeting downtown at what was supposed to be a male revue. But the club owners sold the club a couple days before the event and so there was no revue. We thanked our lucky stars we didn't purchase advance tickets and went to a bar down the street. We danced and laughed and had a good time. I played beer pong for the first time with a very handsome man who did an amazing job of walking the line of appropriate behavior toward the bride at a bachelorette party.

We were all supposed to meet up at Sound Bar. I'll skip the drama that ensued and focus on those of us inside the party. The maids of honor/best men got bottle service. My mother also got bottle service, so we ended up with several bottles for everyone to share. One of the best things about having a big group in a club like that is that you have those drinks and you have seats. Being able to take a load off and sit down occasionally it priceless.

I know you caught in the last paragraph that my mother got bottle service. She didn't send money, she was there with us. My mother likes to dance and she's so much fun to be around. We invited her and my father to the party, but my dad didn't come. My mom definitely came and hung out all night. There was one point where the people who had been there since the beginning had basically danced themselves out, but my mom, along with only two more of my friends, were still dancing. I was impressed and felt like I had big fun grown-up shoes to fill one day.

We were set to party all night, but I got tired pretty early. Instead of staying out until the club closed, we left around 2:00 am. Neither Mr. Kettle nor I drove, so my mother gave us a ride home. We were glad we had a joint party because we love nothing more than hanging with all our friends, having a great time.

The bachelor/bachelorette party was the weekend before the wedding, so once that was past, we were in crunch time. It didn't help that we were now having two weddings. Getting that chance to unwind and just party so close to the wedding as a big group was a great idea Mr. Kettle had.

Did you even consider combining your bachelor and bachelorette parties? Is there photo evidence of the evening? Was your mom there?

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