Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heating Up For The Kettle Wedding: A Wedding Rehearsal

I'm skipping a step here because we got married before we had our wedding rehearsal. Long story, and if you don't already know it, I'll explain when I start my recaps of our actual wedding day.

Yet again, I have no pictures to accompany my story, and I feel bad about that. But who wants to see a bunch of pictures with people standing around and cracking the occasional side joke? Certainly not me. So I'll stick with the highlights.

Our day-of-coordinator wasn't at the rehearsal. On her drive down to Joliet, she got into a Pretty bad car accident and was taken to the hospital. She spent the rest of the weekend trying to cope on an large amount of painkillers. That was... interesting.

With such a large party, people trickled in slowly instead of on time and that made everyone feel like everything was taking forever. But in the abscence of the coordinator, Momma Kettle and my pastor stepped it up and ran the rehearsal very well.

Momma Kettle stressed how important it was that everyone aim to be ready by 1:00 PM on Saturday so that we would be on time to begin taking pictures with the photographer promptly at 2:00 PM. I watched everyone's eyes glaze over and was grateful a lot of them were spending Friday night at Joliet to reduce tardiness.

There were some issues with the venue staff and my mom set them straight. She wasn't a full blown Momzilla, but she got things put right when they were wrong. She quickly got a reputation amongst Chris' friends who didn't know her well as a regulator. My mom is awesome at handling people who aren't putting forth their best effort.

After we practiced getting up and down the aisle, Mr. Kettle and I began waltzing in the back of the ballroom because we were bored and we tend to break into dance. When the flower girls, ring bearers, and jr. bridesmaids followed after us, they wanted to dance to. So while my pastor gave extra instructions to the adult members of the wedding party, we waltzed our hearts out along with 6 children from our families. That was actually one of my favorite memories from the days right before the wedding.

Since we were already married, Mr. Kettle and I were wearing our wedding bands. That caught a couple of people's eyes. We explained to anyone who asked that we had gotten married the day before. No one seemed outright mad, just very confused. We didn't tell anybody beforehand except my maid of honor and our officiants. But everyone was still very excited for Saturday.

We left the rehearsal with an idea of how to get up and down the aisle, which was really the most important part right?

How was your wedding rehearsal? Did you make any lasting memories from the event?

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