Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Time To DIY!

After breathing a huge sigh of relief that all the big decisions were made for the wedding, I realized I still had a ton to do. But I felt good about this y'all. I had a lot o' DIY projects to get started on. I had checked a good number of things off my huge list, but nothing from that first column, the DIY column.

Personal image: Checking more off each day, but I've got to do better on that first column!
My DIY projects are numerous. And there are less than 75 days to my wedding. But I think I can do it! The nest several posts will detail my attempts at:

Table Numbers
Flower Girl Baskets
Ring Bearer Pillows
Place Cards
Ceremony Programs
Reception Menus
Seating Chart
Frames for the Theme Decorations
Out of Town Bags

I started with my idea for table numbers. I've searched high and low for what I was thinking of. I didn't find anything similar to what I had in mind. The luck I had with my guestbook idea was not to be repeated. Oh well!

For your entertainment, a cartoon to explain my efforts.

Personal image: I thought and thought of exactly what I wanted.

Personal image: I searched all over the internet, but nothing was just right.

Personal image: I went table number shopping and got a lot more than I intended.

Personal image: So about those table numbers. Yeah, a bigger project than I intended. Do It Yourself Plus Your Father And His Power Tools!!!
And just what did my trip to Hobby Lobby yield?

Personal image: That's everything I need to make everything listed above except the OOT bags. Don't even ask how much it cost, but I think it is less than what I'd pay someone else...

Yup, that's a lot of stuff. Looking at it makes me excited though. I can't wait to share with you how I've tackled that large pile of stuff and turned it into usable stuff for my wedding!

Are you doing DIY projects? What's your best/favorite/hardest one?